Wednesday, January 30, 2008

1*30*08~my boys

So today has been a rough day and its not even close to being over. My kids have gotten into everything this morning and show no signs of giving up their mission of driving mommy crazy! 1st Jake took a stick of butter and put it on our surround sound base, then it got all smashed up smeard all over the place, Jordan made this even better by rubbing it all in his hair right after they had a bath, so while i was cleaning this up Jake opened the fridge, Jordan took out the eggs and was banging them together. Then Jake got the dish soap and poured it on top of the eggs and called himself cleaning it up. So here was my other mess of the day, another bath, lunch and a nap which they really never took. Now i have to go and get my sister at school cause my parents are down the hill, but at least my mom is bringing me a white chocolate mocha later! something too look forward to! And i really cant wait til my husband gets home, i just really need a hug, his hugs make everything better and i can breathe again. So I'm hoping my day gets better, my sister is good with them and they just want to play with her, she makes things a whole lot easier when she comes over and that will give me time to clean the house!