Saturday, February 9, 2008

My Crazy Night!

So tonight we had a girls night out, totally unexpected but my mom wanted to take the kids, my friend was coming up to visit me and my husband is in san francisco. So...we went out my sister, desi, rosanna and me, 1st we started at a local bar called papaya bay, it was lame nobody was there so we left and headed off to the chefs inn, again lame practically empty. So we decided to go down the hill (i was the designated driver) we get to the brandin iron (a country bar and out of the whole group im the only one who knows how to line dance) we go to the window to pay and a fight breaks out security is screaming "call 911" as they shove us in a corner to keep us safe. We look over and see out friend Summer from elementry school that was neat, we stayed for about 45 minutes then we were over it, so off to riverside to go to sevilla's. There was a $15 cover charge, but we begged and pleaded cause they were closing in an hour so they let us in for $10 each. Everyone but me got drinks then we go to step out on the dance flooe and the music COMPLETELY changes, they started playing spanish techno music, had a good beat but we didnt understand a thing, so we danced then we were approached by creepy guys, and im sorry but im not one of those girls that is going to be ok with a random strange guy coming up and putting his hand on my hips, so the 1st time i was polite and just moved away and shot him the look of "dont ever touch me again" then about 30 mins later he tries it again...yeah i wasnt so nice! i yelled and so did my sister and ran 5 feet, all his friends were laughing at him! We leave and head home, got gas at the bottom of the mountain, i dropped off my friend, then my sister, and my car breaks down!!! it seems like the gas just stopped getting to the engine, so my sister gave me her keys and i took her car home. We get back to my house and we needed to move my friends car to my side of the road and out of the neighbors paarking area, her truck was stuck in the snow (2 wheel drive) so i rocked it out, took us about 15 minutes but i did it we parked it and came home. WHAT A NIGHT!!! it could have been worse, my car could have broke down while we were down the hill! it was a very eventful night, crazy and fun a night i will never forget. but I think the next girls night out is going to be a girls night in, its just safer that way! haha! or and sorry for all the typo's im really tired! i just got home! i just hope tomorrow (technically today) is better i just hope my car will work i have to get my husband from the airport and go to a dinner for his moms wedding i forgot what it is called, then we are in the wedding on sunday! at least i won a contest! that was good news! haha!


Kristin said...

Sounds like a fun night! Even though it had its boring moments! haha Glad you won a contest too. ;)

Amanda said...

crazy night!