Thursday, February 7, 2008

My Friend is AMAZING!!!

My friend Kristin is absolutely AMAZING! I am really new to this whole blog thing, I just started last week and she has been so incredibly helpful. I have known her since we were kids and I am truely blessed to have her in my life, as well as in my little blog world! She is one of those friends who are 'TRUE FRIENDS' and even though she is hundreds of miles away I still feel just as close to her if not more, than back I did back in the day! Anyways she is one in a million and I thought I would let all of you know that! Love you Kristin

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Kristin said...

Awe girlie! What would I do without good friends. I hate not being close, when I come visit I have to come hang out. okay!! Love you (truly I do) And if you ever need anything at all don't be afriad to come to me!