Monday, February 4, 2008

snow snow GO AWAY!!!!!

Today we got more snow, yesterday more snow, we now have about 4 feet of snow in the last 5 days! I am so tired of snow I just wish it would all melt and go away. Today i was reminded of why I moved away from my hometown (which i love and where i live now) I lived here since i was 1 and moved away a week after high school graduation then moved back 4 years later because i hate the city more than I hate the snow. So today I relived the whole 'get me off this mountain' emotion, as I was shoveling snow, about 3 feet of snow off the 25 stairs to my house, my hands were frozen, my ears were numb and there was about 4 inches of solid ice under all the snow, I bent the shovel and fell down 3 times, then started crying because i was so frustrated and my husband was at work and I just needed a hug! But I finished and now i can walk from my house to my car and not almost break my neck every time it was hard but I got out a lot of anger and I havent done pilates in about 3 days so i think that made up for it, my arms feel like rubber and my tummy is really sore but its a good sore! And the funny thing is about 5 minutes after i finished shoveling it started snowing again. I'm saving the rest for my husband when he gets home! LOL!

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Kristin said...

I cry when I get frustrated too! Just remember when you hate the snow that it's also a good thing! :)

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