Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - weekend

So here are the 13 things I am looking forward to this weekend, I will be leaving tomorrow and I won't be back until late Sunday, so I probably will not be on here for a few days...ENJOY!!!

1. Spending time with my husband, my sister, and my best friends John and Desiraye
2. San Diego YAY!!!
3. The beach
4. Dancing
5. Swimming, and the jucuzzi
6. My new skirts (I made them out of my old jeans...sooooo cute)
7. Fun pictures
8. Sunset Cliffs
9. Our super cool hotel room
10. NO KIDS!!! (I will miss them I'm sure but its going to be a very nice and well deserved break)
11. Good food and drinks!
12. Pink knee high socks (1st I need to find them!
13. Playing in the ocean, having water fights, and cruising PB!!! WHOO-HOO!!!!


Laura said...

You're going to San Diego without kids? Sunset Cliffs and the beach, I am sooo jealous! If you like Mexican food you have to go to Roberto's Taco Shop lol.

Have a good time. I want to hear all about it when you get back. :D

Still jealous. :/

Aisha said...

Oh you love the beach? We have so many here and in Thailand also. They have one of the best beaches I've been to. Have fun! :)

Kristin said...

Your skirts sound adorable!

Amanda said...

ohhh fun!! hope your having fun!