Monday, March 10, 2008

I signed up for PayPerPost!

I did it, I signed up for payperpost, I am extremely excited because I can get paid to blog, since I am on here all the time I might as well get pay a few bills! I learned about payperpost through my friends Kristin and Amanda I am pretty new to everything but there are a lot of opportunities to make money, which is so cool to me, because it gives me a chance to help my husband out and have a little extra to buy something nice for my family or myself. It also makes me feel better about my time spent on the computer, I know I probably should have been doing the dishes, folding laundry or cleaning the bathroom but hey instead I made some money, now let me hear a husband complain about that! Although I am pretty new to payperpost I am starting to learn a whole lot, I still get confused about my little blog world at times, but payperpost has videos that can walk you through certain things if you don't understand them, they also word their site very clearly so it is easy to understand. I love payperpost and I am learning new things everyday!

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Laura said...

Oh how cool! Let me know how it works out for you, I might think about doing this to.