Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

13 things I wish I were doing right now...
1. I wish I were on Vacation
2. Anywhere with my husband, even if he was home
3. Home all alone, with my kids with my mom!!!
4. On the lake in 90 degree weather
5. Exercising...
6. Relaxing while the kids are taking a nap
7. Shopping somewhere in OC or Cabazon
8. Eating Sushi at a really nice restaurant overlooking the ocean
9. Driving somewhere fun
10. In Palm Springs at the pool
11. Getting a massage instead of giving one later
12. Hanging out with my friends
13. Having a BBQ with my husband and his amazing steak...yum

If I were doing any one of these amazing things right now I would so amazingly happy! But instead I have a million non fun things to do today, including going to the bank with 2 little kids that HATE the bank...and I have to work at my parents house, and I'm already late, I miss my husband, and I have to pay bills today! YUCK! However, I am happy and blessed that God gave me another day in this world and to be with my kids and family and be able to pay my bills, and have the oppertunity to work, so my day isnt that bad I just have to remember all the blessings I have and hey maybe God will even have my Dad bring some sushi back with him tonight....hahaha its a thought, and quite possible!


The Mama Bear said...

All of those sound more thrilling than my current to do list also. Great TT.

Toni said...

All of those sound great. I want to be at the lake sooo badly.

Well I hope you at least get your sushi, good luck.

Neen said...

Nice list? What makes his steaks so amazing? I am always on the lookout for new recipes.

Chris said...

All of those sound better than heading into a lunch meeting! :( Happy TT and thanks for stopping by my list.

Nissa said...

I'd like any of those, too!!
Happy T13, hun!

Shari said...

A vacation to a warm place sounds really good. We actually have snow in the forecast for this weekend. Enough already.

Kristin said...

sounds relaxing. did you gte payperpost to work?

verabear said...

Anywhere with my boyfriend, eating sushi, on vacation,, etc etc... yes, I'd be elsewhere too had I choice. Not today though, i'm just at home. But tomorrow back at work, i definitely would be thinking these thoughts.

thanks for sharing your TT :)