Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Cellerciser - Bounce Your Way To Health

So there is a great new way to exercise it's the Dave Hall Half-Fold Rebounder and you can bounce your way to health with this great little compact invention. It's made with patented auto-adjusting springs that will adjust to your weight and you won't have to touch a thing just get on and bounce, they allow you to smoothly transition between paces so you can have a vigorous cardio work out and then slow down to a nice cool down without putting the stress on your lower back, knees and ankles. It's made with an unparalleled mat, this is not your typical canvas, plastic or nylon mat, it won't stretch, rot or mildew it will maintain itself throughout the course of your use and then some, you can even leave it outside the weather will have no effect on it. Last but not least its made with steel so it will never crack, you wont have to worry about a thing. The Dave Hall Half-Fold Rebounder is excellent for your health not only will you be able to bounce your way to a to a healthier and firmer body but it is also great for your immune system it can help strengthen your cells and flush your body of toxins, viruses, and cell debris, it also burns calories 11 times faster than walking and 3 times faster than jogging and it's so easy a 90 year old woman used it and she believes it saved her life! Here is a testimonial from their website "I've watched Dave Hall at Expo's for years before trying the Cellerciser. I purchased one in Feb. of 2000 and have lost over 56 pounds in less than 6 months. A number of the lecturers have seen the difference it made in me and have purchased one as well. Everyone that has purchased one is very pleased!!! This is the best unit on the market and is the best made that I have seen." – Mel Minitor. So head on over and check out the Dave Hall Half-Fold Rebounder and see what it can do for you! Sponsored by G-Force Health

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Gregg said...

I purchased one of David Hall's Cellerciser Half-Fold Rebounders about 18 months ago on eBay and it has been everything that you mentioned in this blog post. It is durable, safe, well-constructed, and when you use it on a regular basis, I guarantee you that you will see a healthier and firmer body. The Cellerciser works--it is an amazing piece of exercise equipment. I'm so glad that I got one!