Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My list of 4's

I was tagged by my friend Dette over at Dance of Motherhood Check her out her blog is AWESOME!!

4 Jobs I've Had:
Massage Therapist - I still do this for my friends and family
Realtor - What I do now another reason why I'm so busy
I run a tree company with my dad currently
Administrative Assistant

4 Shows on my TiVo/DVR:
The Backyardagains
The Bad Girls Club
Ax Men
Yo Gabba Gabba

4 Places I've Been:
North Carolina
4 Favorite Foods:
Fish Tacos

4 CD's Recently Listened To:
Marc Broussard
Rascall Flatts
Trick Pony

4 Things You Can Do to Make My Day:
Bring me sushi
Take me to the beach or anywhere I can swim
Babysit my kids so my husband and I can have a moment together
Give me 2 tickets to Hawaii or a really nice exotic island

4 People I Tag:


My Goodness said...

Sushi and lost me.

Tree company? Removing, planting, chopping, saving??

Ugh, Yo Gabba Gabba...why do the kids love that show!??!! haha!!

I'll do mine soon...thanks for thinking of me!

Laura said...

Thanks for the tag!

Oooo Massage Therapist! Can I have one? ;)

Dette said...

Okay - I've got a deal for ya: Hook me up with a massage and I'll take the kids any day!

lol - j/k :)

P.S. Thanks for the props, girl - I'm blushin'!

Shari said...

I've never heard of fish tacos. It probably tastes better than it sounds. I'll work on my list of 4's tonight.

Curvaceous, said...

I would not have guessed you for a country music fan! I love Sugarland myself.

Shari said...

I did my list of 4's. Now, I have to update the praying for my husband thing. It still says April 1st. Blogging is so time consuming. But, I love it.

Kristin said...

Oh I gotta do this! Thanks lady, real busy around here. I'll do it soon!

Dance of said...

Hey girl! Got another one for ya - grab it when you get a chance :)