Saturday, April 19, 2008

Randomness on Sunday

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week of april.13.2006: what if?
what if....
1. were stranded on a deserted island, name one person you would chose to be stranded with. what would you do to survive?
Well of course I would want to be stranded with my husband, and he is a tree climber so it would be really easy for him to climb up and get us coconuts and he knows how to build stuff so we could build shelter and we would play in the water and hope someone finds us, but we would probably want to be stranded for about 3 days it would be a nice little break away from the kids and our busy schedules! haha!

2. could have one superpower, what would it be?
Oh I always think about this! especially when I'm cleaning, I wish I had the power to think of things and they would just get done with me thinking about it, but only when I want it to so weird stuff doesnt happen. But that would be awsome if the dishes are dirty or I wanted a purse full of $100's so I can go on a shopping spree, or a new car in my driveway! Or the kids to be instantly clean and happy! I could go on forever! if only I had this power....

3. could bring one character from your favorite book to life, who would it be?
Well I dont read a lot of big people books but I have always loved the book Fudge! that kid would be my best friend, or I would want Bart from the simpsons or Ariel from The Litttle Mermaid. could solve one of historys unsolved mysteries, which would it be?
Sad...but I cant even think of one of history's unsolved mysteries.....but I do wish I could explore the bottom of the ocean everywhere that would be something I would love to know more about because a lot of it is still a mystery!


naida said...

fun answers :)

Amanda said...

hey, I am at my inlaws doing laundry, so as soon as I get home you should come over!!! the boys would love playng with the girls. I put up a huge jungle gym in the living room. do you have my new number?

Curvaceous, said...

I want that superpower too! LOL

Shari said...

Yes. I'd want to be stranded with my husband, too. He's one of those resourceful kind. I'd survive on a deserted island if he was there, too.