Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - cool things I've done

Last week i was tagged by my friend Shari so here are my 13 awesome things.

1. Met my husband when I was 12
2. Fell in love somewhere around 16 got married 4 days after my 20th birthday
3. Had to boys one weighing 9 lbs. and did it all natural
4. Learned how to drive in the snow this winter
5. Made it down the hill in 7 minutes (back when I was a teenager and thought I was invincible)
6. Had almost every color possible in my hair, and have never once dyed it!
7. Learned how to ride a quad by the age of 4.
8. Owned 3 pittbulls, 4 squirrls, 3 rabbits, 2 fish, a horse and a donkey all at one time (I dont know what my parents were thinking)
9. Ran through 2 feet of snow in nothing but a bekini (now that I remember, that was pretty dumb)
10. Moved out of my parents all the way to San Diego a week after high school graduation
11. In college showing up for my spanish class soaking wet almost every time in the middle of winter (I had a 2 hour break between classes, and was about 5 mins from the beach...I love the water)
12. Swam with sea turtles
13. Started reading when i was 2 years old, and was at a 2nd grade level by the time I was 4...GO MOM!!


Nancy J. Bond said...

That's quite a list of accomplishments! Happy Hearts Day. :)

Kat said...

WOW! I have no idea how your parents did #8 either! I'm doing good to have 1 pitbull, 1 chihuahua, and 1 cat along with my children, grandchildren, and the rest of the family!! Happy TT

Anonymous said...

Hi, cool list!! I think I'll do one like that sometime. I did my Thursday 13 too, it's here:

Shari said...

Thanks so much for doing this. I got to know you better. Running through 2 feet of snow in a bikini says it all. You must be a wild woman. We both got married at 20. That's cool, but I hope my daughters are older and done with college. It was OK for me, but not them.

tasha said...

Swimming with sea turtles must have been pretty cool. Happy TT!

Nicholas said...

Some pretty wild stuff here!